What would be the best research topic for an MBA in agribusiness management?

You should focus on a real life business dilemma facing one or several organisations. Our approach to designing learning for our on-line education in food & agribusiness curriculum’s is very much from a business relevance point of view. So reviewing our products should give you some perspective on the themes that are critical for businesses: All Programs

Here are some general guidelines on the themes (as relevant to food & agribusiness as to other sectors):

  1. Sustainability and Circularity are big themes (and businesses are looking to understand approaches to creating 3P (People- Planet-Profit) impact within their business context
  2. Technology adoption and leveraging data for competitiveness are big themes. Businesses are very keen on practical and usable insights for their businesses
  3. Business models which happens to be my core interest area has a lot of research potential especially in relation to studying and developing contextual (sector/regional/company) business model frameworks
  4. Finally, i believe Supply chains will be trans-formative in the coming period and will govern the competitiveness of businesses and their business models. So there is a lot of scope for technology and partnerships based supply chains design research that will have value