What is your specific expertise in food and agribusiness?

Whilst initially we focused on producing courses and programmes with the experts, through our mentoring/coaching on our Mini-MBA in Sustainable Food Supply Chain programme, I discovered that professionals across the world wanted to have a closer interaction with experts. Whether it was to solve a business problem, gain some career advice or develop new skills, people wanted access to the right expert.

So we launched our platform to enable anyone to get access to the right coaching / mentoring / consulting…whatever you’d like to call a one-to-one interaction with an expert in their field. And businesses and investors interested in the food and the agribusiness are telling us that access to a pool of vetted experts from different parts of the world would help them address a range of business, technological and team building challenges accessible on-demand is extremely valuable for their innovation and sustainability mandates.

From blockchain to business models; finance to farming; our expertise areas are increasing all the time and we’re keen to continue to grow this pool of world leading experts.

Do you see your expertise complementing our current expert pool? Your differentiator could come in the form of theme expertise, or specific understanding of local/regional dynamics, language with a passion for developing professionals.