What can be done to reduce food waste?

At Agribusiness Academy we have reviewed the food waste management initiatives of more than 30 leading organisations within the food supply chain (mostly from the retail side) and have had several technology entrepreneurs discuss the effectiveness of their solutions with our learners.

It turns out that we have access to several technologies to convert food that would have otherwise become waste to higher value edible products just by changing their business models from the linear to circular. This will not only help them achieve their sustainability targets but to continue to maintain industry leadership.

We have brought all our real learning and insights into 2 certificate programs.

  1. The first one “Certificate in Circular Food Chains” focuses on how business models can be fine-tuned to create differentiated value proposition and added revenue stream: Certificate in Circular Food Chains
  2. The second one “Certificate in Food Loss Innovation” discusses technology interventions that can help reduction of the food losses along the entire value chain and how they can create business value: Certificate in Food Loss Innovation

Thought that some of you might benefit from the structured learning and coaching offered by these programs