Is it possible to double farmers income by 2022?

If we change this question from a policy dimension to a business dimension we might get to some progressive possibilities. I would be tempted to formulate the question/s slightly differently and try to offer some perspectives:

  1. Is there scope for farmers in India to double their income and profitability?: The answer is a definite yes [There are enough value creation and supply chain disintermediation opportunities within agriculture to make this possible. The approach however should be no different from how any other business would double their revenues/profits]
  2. Is it possible for every farmer in India to double their income and profitability?: The answer is No [ for the same reason that not every business will double their revenues/profits in 5 years. I know several Indian farmers that are not interested to double their income and are not in a position to work any different/harder than they are used to. I am sure many of you do know such farmers]

While, the policy makers can get disappointed after the targeted timeline (2022) elapses we could see several committed and entrepreneurial farmers to realize this target within their operations by aligning their actions and operations to this mandate. So what should/could be done?

  • As a policy maker one should be keen on working on the right levers so that the one’s that are willing can push themselves further (one such lever would be smoother market connectivity/access)
  • As an agribusiness (we better start looking at farmers as agribusiness entrepreneurs and treat them that way) one should be keen to make the most of the policy interventions by aligning the actions/operations towards the profitable interventions.