Does your MBA degree have any value 10 years after your graduation?

  1. One can always apply the learning and frameworks from any degree (learning experience) at any stage of the working life cycle. From that perspective as Tim Berry points out, MBA (like any other learning) can be made to deliver long-term value for you if adapted to the times and the context
  2. When it comes to the career progression and change i doubt if a recruiter is going to make a decision based on the MBA degree one has acquired 10 years back. They would be more interested to look into the most recent work/contributions/achievements, ambition one holds at that point in time, the approach one currently has and most importantly the value one is able to deliver. In this context MBA degree would not add any value. The only slim chance for it to work favorably is when an high profile MBA professional has managed to tie with an Non-MBA (or less reputed MBA) on professional merit.

An approach (MBA or other) can have long-term value but not the degree. So the emphasis should be more on learning the approach rather than models/methods.