Industry Readiness Test

Are You Industry Ready?

Agribusiness Academy designed the Industry Readiness Program to help the 93% of graduates who did not find work immediately after graduation.

We share the opinion that a graduate is only ‘industry ready’ if they are able to join a company and deliver value from day one. This is what the industry expects of graduates.

So the question is: are you industry ready?

Agribusiness Academy designed the test below to help you find out.

Studies show that just 7% of MBA graduates outside of the top 20 programs get a job upon completion of their studies.

We know the jobs market is there, which leaves only one problem – the graduates aren’t ready for work.

Agribusiness Academy prepares graduates to take up the incredible career opportunities on offer when they complete their course, but working out whether you are ready is a difficult thing to do.

They designed three levels of tests to give an accurate idea of where you are at right now. By doing the tests (we recommend you start at Level 1), you can get a feel for the areas that need improvement.

The Industry Readiness Program is designed to help you move towards Level 3 – at this level, we expect graduates to be able to command salaries of ₹2,00,000 to ₹6,00,000.

Level 1

Test out your fundamental knowledge of the Food & Agribusiness industry and solve some of the dilemmas in the Level 1 Test.

If you achieve higher than 70%, you should consider also challenging yourself at Level 2.

Some learners (particularly those from non-Agri backgrounds) may fall below 70%, but a few extra modules on the Industry Readiness Program will help boost that level.

Level 2

Things are little more challenging at Level 2, but the important thing is to identify the area where you have gaps in your knowledge.

If you achieve higher than 70%, you should consider also challenging yourself at Level 3.

Most Industry Readiness Program learners will establish themselves quite quickly into Level 2 and start making gains towards becoming fully prepared for work.

Level 3

All of our Industry Readiness Program learners end up at Level 3, so you could say this is the goal.

We opened up the test to everyone to help graduates understand the level they need to be at to be able to provide value for a business.

Graduates operating at this Level can expect to command a salary of ₹2,00,000 to ₹6,00,000.

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