Agribusiness Academy

Agri.Career sources talent for their industry partners through Agribusiness Academy. Their online career guaranteed Industry Readiness Program is perfectly suited for under-grad (B.Sc., B.Tech. and BBA) and post-grad students (M.Sc., M.Tech. and MBA).

The Industry Readiness Program (IRP) is a complete course for graduates and undergraduates looking to prepare themselves for work. We use the term “Industry Ready” to describe someone who is talented, knowledgeable about the sector and able to deliver value to a business. With their 6-month Industry Readiness Program you can get to different jobs in Agriculture, Food Processing and retail industry.

There are three core components in the Industry Readiness Program:

  1. Online Learning – you’ll get up to speed on the latest industry developments and learn from experts.
  2. Soft Skills – you’ll learn how to communicate and work effectively, as well prepare for interviews.
  3. Coaching – one-to-one sessions with an industry expert to help you achieve your goals.

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You can review the details of the Agribusiness Academy Industry Readiness Program here:

Industry Readiness Program